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Benefits Of Buying A Portable Drill Press

Proven In The Field

There are many factors that go into populating one’s at home tool kit. These factors vary on the tool of your choice and while some just look like the one you should be buying, there are alternatives to every large sized piece of equipment. When it comes to construction, a drill press is always a staple item because it ensures that every hole is perfectly lined up each time. While a drill press may be too bulky to use, portable drill presses are a solid alternative.

According to HowStuffWorks.com, the portable drill press is beneficial because it is good at getting harder to reach places such as “rivets on vehicles, locks on commercial doors or screws on high cabinets.” The standard drill press requires you to place an item on the table in order to make the necessary hole. The portable drill press allows you to drill a perfect and accurate hole on any surface at any angle. How Stuff Works also recommends the Strong Arm 5 which is lightweight and allows for drilling upright. It also allows leverage levels which makes drilling easier and less tiring.

However, upon purchasing a portable drill press, read the owner’s manual so you know how to properly use your new equipment. If possible, it is recommended that you practice on spare pieces of wood to ensure that your final drill holes are perfect and accurate.